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      1. Yancheng Chaina Fragrance Co.,Ltd.
        Spice products
        Natural alcohol series
        Natural acid series
        Natural ester series
        Natural aldehyde series
        Daily perfume series
        Pharmaceutical intermediates\APIs
        Food additives
        Custom processing services
           Natural Hexyl Alcohol
           Allyl amyl glycolate
           Diethyl aminomalonate hydrochl
           Propionic acid
        Natural Active 2-methylbutanol

        Molecular Formula: C5H12O  Molecular Weight: 88.15  FEMA#:   CAS#: 137-32-6


        Appearance Colorless to to light yellow clear oily liquid.
        Odor Has apple brandy odor.
        Relative density(25/25℃) 0.807~0.813
        M.P. -10.5℃
        B.P. 133.5℃
        Assay(%) ≥99
        Refractive index 1.4230
        Packing & Storage 200L galvanized iron drum, 25l plastic drum. Stored in cool and dry place; no piling in open air.