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      1. Yancheng Chaina Fragrance Co.,Ltd.
        Natural Propyl Alc
        Natural Butyl Alco
        Natural Isobutyl A
        Natural Isoamyl Al
        Natural Hexyl Alco
        Natural Active 2-m
        Diethyl acetamidom
        Diethyl aminomalon
        Diethyl [(4-chloro...
        Isovaleryl chlorid
        Providing custom processing service for perfume, pharmaceutical and chemical industries...

        Yancheng Chaina Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.founded in 1996,with registered capital 9.51 million yuan, covers an area of 36 thousand square meters, and the construction area is 8600 square meters.

        Located in Aoyang Industrial Park in Funing County,Yancheng City.With Coastal Express Way in the east, Xin-Chang Railway in the west, Ninglian,Beijing-Shanghai Express way in the west, our company has a convenient transportation facilities.

        ADD: No.17, Road2, Aoyang Industrial Park, Funing County, Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province, China  P.C.:224300
        Tel:+86-515-83705388 , 87883448   +86-13921613169
        URL:www.chinaspicechem.com ; www.crazycooldealz.com